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About Me

Hi I'm Queen. (AKA QueenOfArms)

I'm a digital artist that likes nintendo games, her OCs, programming, drawing, and some other stuff. I'm also the webmaster of this site!

I know the site looks a bit basic but it's for good reason.
I want to keep my focus on working on my more "polished" site. Which I plan to (hopefully) finish by the end of April. Here in this page you can find some links to some accounts I feel comfortable with sharing as well as an FAQ section, and a silly section.

Here I plan to share my artwork, pages about my interests, blogposts, and some other stuff. For now though I just share site updates and stuff about my art or coding.

I also like to code, currently I'm pretty good at HTML & CSS. But currently I'm dabbling in Bash, Batch, GDScript, & most recently Python. I've actually made some pretty decent python scripts that I plan to write posts about in the future! Since personally I think they're way too specific to just share the scripts themselves.

Some of these pages might be made thanks to python scripts I've made! frog

I also accidentally started the froge invasion in the 32bit cafe server. (circa 2024) here's mine btw: queenofarms frog


"What do you use to draw?"

I draw with a wacom intuos basic tablet.

"What programs do you use to draw?"

I mainly use Paint Tool Sai Version 2.

I sometimes use Clip Studio Paint EX. (Before they damaged their rep.) For pixed art I use Aseprite. (not telling you how I got it though wink wink)

"What do you use for 3D?"

For 3D modeling, rendering, rigging, most of the texturing, & animation, I use Blender which is a free program that has a ton of free tutorials available online.

"What do you use to write?"

Well that depends on what you're talking about.

Fiction? Well I use a program called Manuskript, it's a novel writing program that lets you organize your files via folders and labels. You can even export the files if you have ghostscript.

General notetaking? I used to use GhostWriter which is a pretty nice and basic markdown editor. But recently I've taken a liking to Vim, a free text editor. Normally you see people run it on the terminal version which I do to. I don't recommend this program for beginners, to me it seems pretty simple and optimal to use. But to others especially those who never code, it can really turn people off.

It can really feel alienating for those used to the usual keyboard shortcuts. Advice for using Vim, please make sure you do your research. Here's a Vim cheatsheet to get started. Also I recommend typing :help and looking through the help document that's bundled with Vim.

I recommend using GhostWriter for simpler stuff. For Bigger projects like I use Obsidian which also uses markdown but it's less obvious.

Coding? I use Visual Studio Code for the main chunk of coding. For simple scripts or edits I simply use Vim.

"What's your thoughts on people drawing gift/fanart of your OCs?"

Personally as long as it's Safe For Work I'm fine with it. Just make sure you keep key character details in mind when you're drawing them ok.

"Can I link to your site on mine?"

Sure you can! I even have some buttons if you're interested in that. Just make sure you don't hotlink my stuff!

queenofarms neocities buttonqueenofarms neocities animated button

"What's hotlinking and why do people dislike it?"

Here's some links to some good pages to look at.

Hotlinking is the process of taking a file from another server/site and directly using that file as the source. The reason this is frowned upon is that hotlinking takes up the persons bandwidth and bandwidth costs money.

So instead of hotlinking please just download the file you plan to use and host it on your own site. (as long as it's fine with the webmaster you're downloading it from!)

Another reason is that it's not reliable. If the site your hotlinking got taken down or changed domains that means you'll have to spend time looking for the new url. When you could've just downloaded it and know exactly what happened to it. Not to mention what if the site you're hotlinking got deleted? Then you would lose access to that file. Hotlinking isn't worth it man just don't. It's a bad habit anyway.

"What's a webmaster?"

A quick wikipedia link. Webmaster (wikipedia)

A webmaster/webwizard/webmistress/etc. Is a term given to the primary maintainer of the site. For example I build and maintain this site, so I'm technically a webmaster.